IPSec Tunnel per-site max limit

(Naveen) #1

Dear All,

There’s bandwidth limitation for per IPSec tunnel (200Mbps), but is there any limitation for number tunnels per-site? or any additional cost involved?

E.g. Site-A having three ISP connections with three routers, so customer want to build two tunnels per router (Primary with ZEN-Node-A & Secondary with ZEN Node-B), so total SIX tunnels per site.

Thank you in advance!


(Scott Bullock) #2

What you explain is a valid design, each ISP/Router could have a different tunnel/IP pair. These can then be bound in a single Zscaler Location and the aggregate bandwidth would be available to the site.

Of course, ensure some form of user/source-ip stickiness/affinity a given router would be desired. This will depend on the CPE capabilities.