IPv6 Configuration Demonstration

Here is a quick demonstration of configuring IPv6 in the administrator panel.


@Ben_Garrison Is IPv6 available with ZScaler commercial or it is available with all clouds?
As of now I donโ€™t see it for my tenant on ZScalerGov.

I am not sure I will have to ask around. I am only the messenger of this content :slight_smile:

Alex, it is deployed on ZsGov. Commercial clouds is pending.

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I donโ€™t have it on my ZsclaerGov cloud. Is that a paid feature or needs to be explicitly enabled by support on the tenant?

Can you work with support to enable it for you? You can quote my name for any additional info.


@AVaidyanathan than you. Iโ€™ve requested to enable IPv6 feature on my ZScalerGov tenant. Case number 00020912. Iโ€™ve referenced your name. Thanks,

Hi @AVaidyanathan, Is there a reason why only GET is available for IPV6 interaction via API and not POST/UPDATE/DELETE methods at this point?
Thank you