Issue in Mobile Apps in Trusted network

Our users are currently facing some issues with loading the mobile application in the office network. Please let us know how to overcome these hiccups in this case. Please review the policies let me know about tweaking the changes for mobile apps traffic alone.

Is there any way to debugging the traffic involved with mobile gadgets such as Andriod as well as iPhone & BYOD within the trusted network?

is there any recommendation on providing access based on the mobile Apps with a specific restriction on download the Apps from the Apps store and Play store respectively apart from MDM solutions ?

Please provide us a recommendation on capturing the traffic with help of mobile-based effective tools to fix and resolve instead of providing the SSL inspections directly?

  • Is there is a relationship between URL filtering/cloud controls that will do any kind of actions with mobile apps too?

  • Is it mandatory to have a Zscaler client connector app installer with each gadget along with zscaler certification installed to work with mobile applications?

  • Please suggest to me an alternate way to avoid using the zscaler client connector inside the office network for the mobile devices?

  • Is there a possible way to check the logs from the zscaler portal on access issues with a mobile application which are currently connected in-office wifi network (trusted network)

  • how does the zscaler client connector will be behaving with Mobile devices?

  • Please share us some kind of suggestion from your end on resolve these kind of issues?