Issue - ZSATunnel data consumption

I will soon be working in an environment with limited data and am therefore becoming conscious of my work computer’s data usage. ZSATunnel is by far the largest data consumer, generally triple that of the Teams app after hours of video calls. Is there any way to reduce the amount of data consumed by the Tunnel?

Ian - ZSATunnel is the process that forwards traffic from the client to the Zscaler Cloud for security protection. While the memory used by the process is controlled by the actual Zscaler Client Connector (ZCC) code, the only way to decrease the amount of data usage is to send less data to Zscaler in the form of bypass policy in the app/fwd profile VPN gateway bypass or via a PAC file. Obviously, this traffic would bypass ZCC and not be processed by ZSATunnel, but would also not be secured by Zscaler - the very purpose of the Zscaler platform.

Other than a bypass, I’m not familiar with any way to decrease the actual data processed by ZSATunnel. Turning off any unused processes working in the background and bypassing video and other low-security risk data is an option. Also, bypassing entire applications like Zoom or Teams is also an option depending on their use and associated security risk.

One other method is to opt for the Tunnel 1.0 method which only forwards web traffic to Zscaler, as opposed to Tunnel 2.0 which forwards all protocols to Zscaler when the Zscaler Advanced Firewall is being used by an organization. Again, your organization’s security policy would be the gating factor here. In addition, your client is still processing the same amount of data, it just isn’t going through a particular driver, in this case, ZSATunnel, so I think reducing background apps by either turning them off or scheduling updates is probably the best approach outside of the Zscaler process.

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Thanks Mark! That was exactly the answer I was looking for. I appreciate the quick response.