Issues with Cavium NITROX after Installation on the VZENs

I have recently purchased the Nitrox card to update the VZEN NIC card but now the server won’t work. The LB service will not installed. I tried doing a new build and still get the same problem.

SME service running
CDSC service running
LB is not installed ( How to fix this issue with LB ?)

//+SHARED MEMORY KEY 17 (/sc/sme/)
Error starting sme instance
//+SHARED MEMORY KEY 17 (/sc/smcdsc/)
smcdsc instance running with pid 59707

I hope you did raise a support ticket for this issue. We did run into issues recently due to a BUG, which is fixed as of now(awaiting deployment). A support ticket will help here as we have manual steps to fix this.


Indeed! I got it to work now.