Issues with Route Mode (Forwarding profile)

Can anyone summarize the issues with Route Mode (Forwarding profile) that is “Route Based”
as the [ Tunnel Driver Type ] in Forwarding profile?
I know that running ZPA in Route Mode breaks certain application access / experience through ZPA. Looking for consolidated list those apps.
Any info here is appreciated.

With Route mode ZApp will install a network adaptor with IP address Certain applications can operate in a mode, where the client IP address, determines the application servers/distribution point that the client would eventually connect to. In such a scenario, there may not be efficient load balancing of clients across application servers.

Based on feedback from customers, SCCM is an application that is sensitive to ZApp in Route Mode. However, SCCM can be configured to make Distribution Point (DP) selection selection based on SCCM boundaries or using AD Sites and Services. Zscaler recommends using AD Sites and Services for SCCM DP selection, as this method does not rely on client IP address for DP selection.