Issues with ZApp versions 2.1.x

In my company we have been using the Zscaler App version for a long time and never had any notable issues.
We recently decided to update to the latest Version which is Since then we are experiencing major issues from Applications freezing to constant disconnects from Remote-Sessions and VPN’s.
Can anyone else confirm these problems? Or is this caused by the ZTunnel 1.0 to 2.0 change? Our Forwarding Profile is set to Packet Filter Based - Tunnel and we have not changed anything since then.


There’s no known issues like this really no. I don’t think Ztunnel 2.0 would be causing this as its disabled by default. You need to explicitly enable it from the forwarding profile.

Disconnects I’m unsure about, but a common cause of applications freezing is typically a GPO race condition between the Zscaler App (now Client Connector) setting a system proxy, and a GPO also setting a system proxy. Logs would clarify if this is the issue pretty quickly.

Have you raised a ticket for this by any chance?

We’ve not had an issues with testing so far.
You could try installing to see if you can replicate the issue.

Yes, I have opened a Ticket yesterday, thanks for the response. was even worse since it had known issues with zoom, but anyway I have opened a Ticket already, thanks for the reply

I went to the other day and it (ZIA) seemed to be a lot slower to let apps connect through initially. Will see how it goes

When you had issues with remote-sessions? Do you mean like ssh and rdp sessions would randomly disconnect? What do you mean exactly?

I’m getting ssh disconnects. I think the tcp is half open, received the default 6 minute trigger then bombs out. The issue is that I can’t catch this in the act. Another possible issue is that local logs show the ZTunnel 1.0 turning off briefly just before disconnect, that in itself doesn’t sound good.

Using Windows Mac OS X

Remoteapp or Remote-Desktop sessions would randomly close, saying server is unreachable…

Have you disabled udp-3389 for Remote Desktop as per this article ?

we are not using zpa