JumpCloud as SSO with ZScaler

(Alex) #1

Is JumpCloud supported as SSO by ZScaler?

(Scott Bullock) #2

Hi Alex,
It looks like Jump Cloud has generic support for SAML V2.0 POST Binding, as such this should be a workable integration.



(Peter Hayes) #3

Scott is correct - JumpCloud can integrated with Zscaler. I would note that my last direct experience with JumpCloud indicated it does struggle to support sending group/department information, but otherwise is great for user identification and authentication.

(Alex) #4

Thank you for the information. Does Google iDP have the same limitation?

(Scott Bullock) #5

Google does not send Group memberships by default, it’s possible using some API calls to map the attributes (similar to a Azure Graph document), however, I’ve not yet seen a customer share the detail on what this configuration actually looks like.

(Alex) #6

Looks like Google might be adding SCIM protocol. Is that something which could be leveraged in the future for the groups?

(Scott Bullock) #7

Assuming they do a add SCIM, and maintain standard compliance, then it should work.

(Alex) #8

Also curious if Auth0 could be supported with ZScaler.