Keeping your information safe on the community

(Andy Logan) #1

The Z-Community is here to help you with successfully deploy Zscaler services in your organization. From time-to-time you’re likely going to need to post data that concerns your specific deployment. To that end we’d like to suggest a few things to help keep your data and your organization’s information safe.

What do the little Zscaler logos on profile pictures mean?

If you see a small Zscaler Z logo on someone’s avatar that indicates they are a Zscaler employee. There title should show up too.

Sometimes less specific is better

As with any other public forum, you want to be careful when posting to the community anything that can be directly related back to your organization. It’s not a good idead to post your organization’s name, actual IP addressing, or overly specific network diagrams in an open forum.

  • Because you’ll be asking questions about your organizations design and deployment, it’s best to keep your organization’s name off your posts.
  • If you are asking a question about the specific industry you work in, it’s best to refer to the regulation you need help meeting.
  • Consider using generic icons for network equipment in your diagrams, unless the speific equipment is the question.
  • Where posible, use private IP addressing, espeically if your organization uses public IPs.
  • Make sure you scrub the logs and console output for names and addressing.
  • Screen shots should have any identifable information edited out.
  • Consider leaving your real name off of your profile.
  • Don’t use your company logo as your avatar.

Watch out for those email signatures

Many of you may interact with the community via email. Doing so is fully supported, but you need to be careful with the content. As this is a public forum it is quite easy for someone to view your contact info.

We use Discourse as our community platform, and it supports Usenet signature removal. The patters, in plain text, is dash, dash, space on a line of it’s own such as:

-- [new line]

Be sure to read the docs: