Latency spikes with Zscaler connector running

We started using Zscaler Client Connector when working remotely from home. Ever since using the Zscaler, I’ve been getting latency spikes every 1-2 minutes or so where the pings will either drop and/or hit 3000ms which makes my Zoom calls and working sessions freeze up for a good 2-3 seconds. Has anyone else dealt with a similar issue? Which configs can I try tweaking in order to address this?

I have been using it (obviously) since I started and I am on countless calls and I rarely see any spikes, unless of course, I am on wifi.

If you have a very clear and distinct difference between the ping on the Client Connector vs off then I would say reach out to support. If you still get the same high spikes then I would go down the normal troubleshooting path of loopbacks, drivers, dns resolutions etc etc.

Which Service Edge are you using?
Are you using Tunnel 1.0 or 2.0 ?
Which version of the ZCC ?