Legacy VPN assessment tool

Does ZScaler have a tool to analyze legacy VPN access?

What do you want to analyse?

@Jamie_Brown would like to demonstrate the advantages of ZPA over our traditional VPN access.
Any type of the vulnerability scanning tool would be great.

With ZPA you’ll reduce your external attack surface as there is no inbound access to your DC’s/Public Cloud. You can also put a whole lot of services that may be internet facing today, such as partner portals or uat or dev portals, behind ZPA. This will remove their visibility off the internet as well. There are free tools like DNS Dumpster that you can use to see what’s visible today or you can ask your Zscaler SE to run an attack surface report for you.

I’ll leave it to others to speak about vulnerability testing tools, but even basic ones like NMAP are easy to run over VPN’s but won’t work over ZPA.

Zscaler have some great videos on their youtube channel about this.