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Hi, I work in a support team for users who connect to our domain via the zScaler app. Sometimes we need to connect to their machines to remotely resolve issues. The only way we can connect is using the IP address assigned to them via the VPN software. Our previous software displayed the assigned IP address on the connection status page but zScaler does not. Does anyone know how I can find this info please?

Server to client communication is not possible here. You may look at any alternate screen share options through Internet. like anydesk , team something like that.


If you have a desktop sharing solution in place and just need the IP to use that independently of Zscaler App, you can use ip.zscaler.com to see a user’s public IP address. In example, if you are using VNC and need to put the IP to connect, you can get it via ip.zscaler.com. If you are hoping to connect from your corporate office out to a remote user like you would down a vpn tunnel, this is not possible. This is by design.

Customers are also using BeyondTrust (Bomgar) as well for troubleshooting remote user’s devices.

Kunal Shah
Principal Product Manager
Zscaler Inc.

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