Locking Office 365 to a specific tenant for sharepoint only


(Alex) #1

Is it possible to create a rule which would allow to lock Office 365 to a specific tenant with sharepoint access only w/o access to other O365 sites of the tenant?

(Scott Bullock) #2

Hi Alex,
I would look at doing this with two parts of the Zscaler configuration:

  1. Specify the Tenant(s) you want to allow under the advanced section of
  2. Use Cloud App Control to specific the specific Apps you want to

Many thanks,

(Alex) #3

Looks like there is an option to allow/block individual Office 365 applications with NGFW license.

(Naresh Kumar ) #4

Hi Alex,

Yes we support specific O365 apps through NGFW. ( Sharepoint, Skype for Business, yammer, outlook etc)


(Alex) #5

Hi Scott,
My problem with skype is to differentiate business allowed accounts from personal personal account with the purpose to block personal accounts. The other issue we don’t own O365 tenant. Skype is provided to us by a 3rd party.
Is there an option for that?