Locking Slack to a specific tenant

(Alex) #1

How can I lock Slack to a specific tenant?

(Chandan Agarwal) #2

Currently, we have tenant specific capabilities with Office 365 and Google only.
We can file an Enhancement Request for this control.

(Alex) #3

The process of filing an FRE by sending an email to a SE is far from ideal. FRE numbers are not provided to the customers, so it’s impossible to track. Plus other customers are not aware of an FRE and not able to upvote on the feature. Needless to say there should be a better way to submit, track and vote for FRE system.

(Chandan Agarwal) #4

Our Enhancement Request system is internal only and does not support external voting today.
We do keep track of ER popularity internally and prioritize accordingly.


I submitted an Enhancement Request for this. The more customers who submit official ER’s, the better.

(Alex) #6

Thank you. Could you post the ER number to this thread, so other customers know?


Enhancement request is ER-4766