MAC OS users are getting DNS error while accessing internet websites after login into Zapp

Hello Team,

One of our client with MAC OS facing DNS error issue while accessing internet website through Zscaler Client connector.

Swapnil -
Can you provide a bit more info as to the specific error message they are receiving? Does the error happen when visiting any Internet website or a specific website?

Hi Niladri,

Only DNS error is coming while accessing any website.

Hi @Niladri_Datta,

I am running into similar issues, as it looks like the /etc/resolv.conf file is modified for ZPA, and is kept with the address even if the ZPA session is disabled or, worse, if ZCC is quit altogether.

I have been discussing this issue on this other thread:

I have also just opened case 2793000 with ZTAC, to see what they think.

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Zscaler TAC has now opened a BUG on the issue I have raised and documented in TAC case #2793000.

Maybe Zscaler staff reading this can take a peek to the internal case and let us know how the debugging based on the information I provided is progressing.

Bye, Luca

Install zscaler version and then check.