Manually override Datacentre to connect to from Zapp

Hi All,

I have raised an enhancement request with my TAM to be able to manually override which datacentre Zapp connects to in the event that users experience issues with the Datacentre used for GEOIP, get an unsuitable DC via GEOIP or just want to test the usage against multiple DCs. Similar to how you select a DC to connect to in NordVPN.

I think it would be a really handy feature so everyone vote it up :smiley:

Mark Fellows


I like the idea. I wouldn’t want anyone to be able to do that though. I’d like to be able to control who could do it with there identity.

Sure. It would be part of Zapp so they already see groups and users, so building a policy around it shouldnt be a problem.

it would probably be useful if you could either allow users to do it whenever, or give them a time period when they can do it that would auto expire.

They should also look at offering different default options for ZEN selection.
At the moment it uses the closest. Being able to select the fastest would be a good option.
Maybe closest or fastest in country also.

Just in case you missed it - you can let zAPP select nearest Country DC by using ${COUNTRY_GATEWAY}

Regards Tom

I want to select the fastest not necessarily the closest geographically.

@Tom yep i know about that :slight_smile: my issue is that it is all PAC based logic. As part of the troubleshooting proccess i would like to be able to select a different DC from Zapp without going in and messing around with App profiles etc.

Its like anything GEO IP works great in theory but the reality is that it never works 100% of the time. So having the ability in the app to override where you are connected to would be super useful IMO. It would also be useful in situations where some DCs experience service degradation.