Max user limit per device?

I see questions on how many devices a user can have / log into, but nothing on how many different users can use a single device (for example a shared contingency desktop that would be used by different users at different times). Is there a limit? Either fixed, or programmable? Thanks!

Hi Rob,

From what I can see no limits based on my ZCC portal exports.
The ‘Device Hardware Fingerprint’ stays the same but UDID changes as expected for each user session.
So far I’ve seen 3 users sharing a device at different times but I’m not sure if “Force-Remove Oldest Device After User Enrolls” will kick in if some how they managed to register 16 devices (Default) under same username.

You found any issues ?


You two are correct, once registered / enrolled, there is no limit on the number of users that can use that device at different times.


That’s brilliant. Thanks for your help.

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