MBI DLP PHI indicator add

(Alex) #1

Does ZScaler have an FRE to add another healthcare PHI indicator for DLP called MBI? Thanks,

(Pooja Deshmukh) #2


What does FRE mean?

(Alex) #3

Feature Request or Enhancement

(Pooja Deshmukh) #4

Please submit a request for it. You will receive an update through Feature Tracking Process.

(Alex) #5

It was submitted a couple months ago. I don’t know what the FRE number is.

(Alex) #6

Any updates on this? MBI is the replacement for HICN and SSN numbers for HealthCare organizations working with US Federal Government.

(Alex) #7

Does ZScaler have any repsone on this?

(Pooja Deshmukh) #8


The request is being tracked internally for Zscaler DLP Feature Enhancements.

(Alex) #9

What would be FRE# for customer tracking?

(Pooja Deshmukh) #10

The FRE number is 4374