MCAS Feeds not working


(James Christian) #1

Has anyone successfully got integration with MCAS working? We have everything configured per MS and Zscaler but the logs are not showing up in MCAS.

Any help appreciated.


(Scott Bullock) #2

I have successfully made the MCAS integration work in both directions (NSS to MCAS, MCAS to Z via API). For the NSS piece, I did have to open support-access and Zscaler support SME made some adjustments. Have you opened a support ticket as yet? Similar adjustments may be needed on your NSS.

(James Christian) #3


Yes, we have been working with support for a few days with no luck. Do you remember the adjustments they did with you? Microsoft is saying we need to install java on the NSS server, which seems odd since no documentation references that.



(Scott Bullock) #4

I didn’t get the details on what was done (should have asked!), I only know they applied a fix. It may be worth asking your support contact to escalate into NSS/MCAS SME if they haven’t done so already.

(James Christian) #5

So they did end up having to install Java in case anyone else has to deal with this. I hope the incomplete documentation gets updated,

(Gordon Wright) #6

Same here. It needs Java installing to make it work.

(Lidor Pergament) #7

Thanks everyone for the feedback. Installing a Java environment is required for pre Zscaler 5.6 NSS deployments. We will update this prerequisite in our help article soon. For now you can:

  1. Download sc_pb_1.0_v321_java_patch.tgz from here and copy it to the VM.

  2. run the following commands:
    tar -xvzf sc_pb_1.0_v321_java_patch.tgz
    cd sc_pb_1.0_v321_java_patch
    java -version

(Izamar Flores) #8

Hey everyone,

The following article contains the prerequisite at the top: