Member Spotlight, December 2022 - William Guilherme

Zscaler Member Spotlight: Meet William Guilherme

William Guilherme, Solutions Architect Technology Alliances at the Zscaler steps into the Zenith Community spotlight for December and we are excited to share their story!

William has been with Zscaler since 04-2021 and has been active in the Zenith Community since 05-2021. William is currently serving as a Solutions Architect for Technology Alliances responsible for supporting all Zscaler’s integrations related to DevOps/DevSecOps, Automation, and Data Protection.

Read on to learn more about William’s journey with Zscaler as well as his passion for poutine!

Q. What made you originally join Zscaler, and what has your career path looked like while at Zscaler?

I am the network/security space for close to 23 years. I spent a big part of my career in Security Operations at British Telecom based out of Brazil, covering some of the largest organizations in the world. Before joining Zscaler, I was a Principal Sales Engineer at Proofpoint, where I was part of their Zero Trust division. With Zscaler becoming the de facto standard in Zero Trust, joining the organization in 2021 as a Sales Engineer during the high of the pandemic was extremely rewarding. The Zscaler’s message resonated well with me, and I felt I could help build something special. Fast forward, a year later, the Business Development organization made me “an offer I could not refuse” and I joined the Technology alliances team as a Solutions Architect, where daily, I can help customers to understand how they can automate their Zero Trust strategy across the Zscaler platform.

Q. Tell us about your family.

My wife, Julie, and I have been together for almost 12 years, and we have 1 son together, Ryan who is 5 years old. I am originally from Brazil, and moved to Canada in 2011 while working for British Telecom as a Security Architect. My wife was born in Canada, and we met in Vancouver that same year, and we got married in 2014.

Q. What are some life achievements that you are proud of?

I have a couple of great achievements in my life, which I am very proud of.

The first was to have received a scholarship at my Alma Mater Fairleigh Dickinson University in Vancouver. I graduated in 2014, and I am the only member of my family to have ever studied and graduated abroad.

The second was to become a Canadian citizen in 2021, after 10 years of living in Canada. Now, I feel entitled to use “Eh!” at the end of my sentences when appropriate and eat lots of poutine, especially when visiting Montreal.

Q. Tell us about your department and team

I’m part of the Business Development organization team at Zscaler, and we are responsible for all our Technology partnerships with other vendors such as HashiCorp, Crowdstrike, ServiceNow, and many others. The BD team advises existing partners on integration strategies, architectures, platforms, and application infrastructure required to implement a complete integrated solution across the Zscaler platform.

Q. What is a typical day in your life?

I typically start my day around 06:00 am to go to the gym for some heavy cross-fit workouts including Jump Rope, which I am passionate about.

I start my working day at around 8:00 AM by reviewing emails and organizing my tasks. At present, I am responsible for our DevOps/DevSecOps and Data Protection technology partners. I also maintain and support the source code and any issues related to Zscaler’s Terraform Providers which is a HashiCorp product integration.

On top of that, I create a lot of video content around automation, which is being posted in the Zenith community, so part of my day revolves around thinking about what new content I can put together that will benefit both internal and external customers.

Q. How did you grow your career and what advice would you give to people looking to forge ahead on the same path? What are essential skills to develop?

Security is such a broad field, and there’s so much you can do, and learn every day. Me I started my career as a network engineer, and moved to security a few years later, but the key for me was to always be curious and eager to learn new skills every day. My advice is to not be shy to ask questions, even when you think it is a basic question. Answers to basic questions are the ones that sometimes add more to your knowledge base. Look for that go-to person that can help you boost your knowledge.

In the field I cover specifically at Zscaler, having a good understanding of the market trends around DevOps/DevSecOps, is important to not only have the understanding of specific tools but also the value from a business perspective, which is imperative.

Q. Why do you feel the Zenith Community is important for not only customers but for other Zscaler employees?

I have always been an advocate of knowledge sharing since the beginning of my career. The Zenith community for me is a great place where we can build and write content from engineers to engineers, but also content for those that don’t necessarily have a strong technical background. Being able to share content with both our customers and internal Zscaler employees is a great honor and a way to bring people together to share their own experiences and ask questions that may also help the overall Zenith community.

Q. What is/are your favorite hobby(ies)

I am an avid Jump roper, and that’s been one of my main forms of workout for the past almost 5 years. When I feel like doing something fun outdoors, I just walk down to the park close to home and practice some new tricks. It is my preferred form of workout, but I also use that as a hobby of my own. Outside of that, I am a big Lego fan, and building cool stuff with my son every day is incredibly rewarding.

Q. If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?

I’d go with Sushi. Our preferred restaurant close to home serves a mean “Crazy boy roll”. You can’t go wrong with that.