MFA for Zscaler Portal Default Admin Account

Is there an option to enable MFA for the default admin account for Zscaler ZIA.
And can we enable MFA for Zscaler admin accounts without using a 3rd Party like Microsoft or Okta (e.g if we can use google Auth.)

I don’t see MFA native option in ZIA…

I didn’t find an option to enforce 3rd party MFA or SAML for the default admin account on the ZIA portal.
It is available on ZPA.

You could tie administrative authentication to Google SAML/SSO. If you have managed Google accounts, you’d just require MFA on the Google accounts…

This option is available for ZPA default admin accounts or for newly created Admin accounts on ZIA or ZPA.

But the issue is with the default ZIA admin account. We can’t enable MFA for it or even disable it.