Microsoft store on Windows 10 - Unable to download apps

(Tony Odonnell) #1


Has anyone managed to get the Microsoft Store in Windows 10 working properly over the Zscaler service?

I’ve configured my winhttp setting as:
netsh winhttp set proxy

I’ve bypassed SSL inspection for ‘’

Apps attempted to download from the store just end in error.

I really don’t want to have to bypass the proxy for this.

(in case anyone from ZS reads this I have ticket #657473 open for this, slowly under investigation)

(David Creedy) #2

Hi Tony,

I had a look at the ticket. The first thing I’ve noticed is that WinHTTP proxy, shouldn’t be set. Z App sets the WinINET proxy on the system to capture traffic, so this should work with all Microsoft Apps (they traditionally first try WinHTTP Proxy, and then after they will try WinINET proxy).

If you set this proxy in WinHTTP, Microsoft apps will follow that proxy first, and because we aren’t just an open proxy, I’m not sure it would be able to connect through.

Is there a specific reason for using the WinHTTP Proxy?

(Tony Odonnell) #3

Hi David,
The winhttp proxy is what we had set with our previous proxy as we only had a PAC file configured in IE and this seemed to be the only way to get the store app to use the proxy.
I’ll try removing that setting when I’m back in the office next week and see how it goes.
I’ll update here when I know.

(Gaz) #4

Hi we have a similar problem just raised support case seems to be newer images of W10.
Bypass of the Zscaler at the firewall level for a users IP and it works. Have tried SSL exclusions -how did you get on ?