Migration from Bluecoat Proxy to Zscaler?

Hi there,
I was looking for a group on migration but there isn’t one so ‘Platform’ seems the closest.
Does anyone have experience of migrating from Bluecoat Proxy to Zscaler? I’m soon to start a project which involves this. That’s all the information I have at the moment. I’m due to start in a couple of days with the company. I also haven’t seen the Zscaler interface (apart from bits in the training slides) so I’m quite looking forward getting to see that and have a look round it. Just testing the water here as I’m sure as soon as I start I’ll have some proper related questions! Thanks, PB.

Hi, you can refer to this post.
Approach to migrate from bluecoat to ZIA - Cloud Protection - Zenith (zscaler.com)

Thanks Sebastien. :+1:

So I would say the easy button here is TEST – TEST — TEST ---- my Blue Coat configuration has over 400 unique issues / and over 500k internet routable IP addresses it can not handle - with certain Enterprise Applications ---- or critical work flows

My current Zscaler replacement environment - has 25 total unique entries that have one thing in common they do not play nice with SSL interception ---- and so far one cloud application with unique rule

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Thanks for the info Christopher. Certainly something to think about carefully.

Hi There,

we are going to start project. Our Client acquired a company and that company has Bluecoat proxy.
Our job is to migrate Bluecoat Proxy to ZIA. Our client on Zscelar.

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