MS Company portal Application does not work with TWLP Zcc version

Its been observed in our environment that the company portal application fails to load for users with Tunnel with Local Proxy mode under forwarding profile
Post we upgraded to ZCC with tunnel with proxy forwarding mode. It seems the loop back IP used in the tunnel with proxy pac file “PROXY” is not supported by MS team application. The application is stays on Sign-in page

Also if we use Tunnel 2.0 Mode there is no issue in launching the Company portal app

Hello Shraddha_Pawar,

It is Zscaler’s best practice to have Tunnel 2.0 enabled. With that said, you can use in the App Profile’s Z-TUNNEL 2.0 CONFIGURATION settings to bypass MS Teams which is another good practice. I may be missing some additional suggestions based on your description. Please feel free to reply back if this does not address your concerns.