MSI version installed Zscaler Client Connector accepting bogus email id

After installing MSI , ZCC is accepting bogus email id and not requesting for password .
Email Id which was initially used to log in is log out . Then tried with some other bogus user id and it is not directly log in without password request .

Example – Suppose I have user in AD []

I can install this Shiela and she will be prompted by STRICTENFORCEMENT to enter her credentials before going to the Internet, When I enter e.g. and can browse thru zscaler without any issues, no group policy will be applied because there is NO REAL ACCOUNT for FRAUD account on AD.

Used below link to customize installation option -

Which IDP you are using. ?
I guess you using zscaler itself as IDP. Is there any entry named device token in your installation script?.

we are using IDP- Azure