Multiple IdP to same Azure AD Tenant

Does anyone know how to configure multiple IdP configurations to the same Azure AD tenant? I am getting a warning message that the IdP Entity ID cannot be the same.

“A resource already exists with the field value

This seems to be unique to the Azure tenant. Even though I am setting up a new IdP using a XML and certificate.

We have a need to create 2 IdPs, one that uses UPN as the required claim and the other that uses EMAIL as the required claim.


Not an Azure expert myself, but you can have Azure generate unique Entity IDs. If I remember correctly this is the proper way to do it:

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Hi Pete, that did the trick! Much appreciated, I was able to import the new Federation Metadata XML after editing it to include the new application ID, then a new IdP was created. Once the arbitrary domain option was enabled for this new IdP, external users can authenticate. Thanks again!

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