Need clarification on Client-Based Remote Assistance

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client would need to have ZPA also support Client-Based Remote Assistance, which is now available as per the documentation at:

What is not clear from the documentation is whether protocols other than RDP and SMB (used by psexec.exe) can be used. The documentation at does not seem to mention this possibility:

Point #9 in fact only mentions RDP and psexec.

You should now be able to connect to the remote endpoint via RDP or psexec

Customer currently uses VNC. Would this be supported?

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Hi Luca,
Client - client communication enables you connect a ZCC installed machine from another ZCC installed machine.

I have tested RDP, file share etc. it supports all ports. Hostname of the domain joined machines will have to use for communication.

Both machine should have ZCC enabled + ZPA and domain joined.

Ramesh M


Thanks @ramesh.mani1 this is great news! :pray:t2:

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