Need help in notify users for ZCC upgrade

Hello family ,

Need your help here ,

In my environement wanted to deploy new ZCC version but here client requirement is users who are connecting to ZCC they should get notified that they have upgraded to new version with an mail .

example :
The Zscaler Application allows remote access to enterprise applications and resources. For instance, team members with our organisation laptops must use this application to access such resources .

Beginning November 14th, IT will begin deploying an upgrade to the Zscaler client.

Users will be asked to reboot their device to complete the upgrade, however, it will not be forced and can be scheduled at a convenient time within 24 hours.

This will be a phased roll out over lasting approximately 4 weeks and should not be impactful based on our testing.

When the upgrade is complete the APP version will change to depending on OS version when clicking More in the application

Can you please help me with this ASAP.

Durga Chitturi .

Hi Durga,

What are you using for the ZCC upgrade? (SCCM, Intune or native ZCC cloud upgrade)


Hey Gen !

Thanks for the response. We are using native ZCC cloud ( Zscaler admin portal )

Ah okay, native ZCC cloud upgrade doesnt give you many options or customizations.
Add user to group then ZCC will quietly upgrade once policy has been received. Think ZCC upgrade policy checks runs every 2 hours.


I think there are some ER’s to improve this capability as well for a “defer” option.

We use SCCM to deploy to our critical users who need to defer and schedule the time of the install.
Everyone else get’s it via the ZCC cloud portal when their client decides to check in. We do stagger this a little with some of the AD groups we use. But basically everyone gets it first thing in the morning in the timezone they login.

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Thanks Gen ,

But I wanted to configure the notification on the AUP banner. is that a good approach to notify the users?

Hi Durga,

I dont think the AUP banner was intended for that, nor do I think it’s possible.
Gordon is correct that you’ll need some an Enterprise Managment tool of some form or support the ER.