Need to block "SALES & MARKETING" ZIA category at URL & Cloud App Control

We need to block “SALES & MARKETING” ZIA category at URL & Cloud App Control.
Is there a way to do that?

Hi @avshch , In ZIA we have Corporate Marketing as category for Marketing urls but for sales they don’t have such category.
Also you can simply check some sales site and find under which category they are failing and accordingly you can create policy.

For this you can create a policy in URL filtering…

@rawat.pardeep We operate on block everything unless explicitly authorized. Ideally would like to block the entire category " Corporate Marketing so no need to select individual cloud apps for blocking.
As per default “Configure URL & Cloud App Control Policy” policy is to allow all applications.

How are you doing this?
If Corporate Marketing is being allowed you must have explicitly allowed it somewhere.

There is explicit allow for “URL & Cloud App Control”