Need to configure DUO for our ZIA and ZPA admin portal

Hello Team ,

Can someone help me with the doc for integrating the DUO to login into our Admin portals .

Durga Chitturi.

In order to get the best assistance it’s best to provide an area where you are stuck with which Duo product etc.

I searched some other topics and it appears that setting up DUO with SAML is pretty straight forward. The only additional step from what I am gathering is that you need to add to auth and PAC bypass.

We use ADFS/Azure Enterprise Apps for this, but you could use Duo iDP directly. You basically will have two iDP sources, one that is SCIM enabled for general users, and one that is not SCIM enabled for Admins and manually add the admins into the portals. The Support folks can absolutely assist with that.
Also, definitely add your api endpoint for Duo either as a bypass in the PAC file (Z-Tunnel 1.0) or as a VPN Gateway Bypass (Z-Tunnel 2.0) in your App Profile to prevent oddities with Duo sometimes acting like it’s offline because have Strict Enforcement Mode enabled and ZCC isn’t logged in.