Network connection failed. (-8)

Network connection failed. (-8)

issues facing with AWS windows.

Generally means you can’t get to something to start…
The first place to check is the firewall or security stack for policy rules blocking access to a destination the ZCC client needs to get to or if some 3rd-party agent on the device is blocking.

What is needed to open up can be found here: Config | Zscaler (replace with your cloud, e.g. “”, or use the pull-down menu at the top of the page to select your cloud).

Cloud name is invalid.

That’s new to me. You should be able to select from the clouds you have instances on.
In any case, maybe you should try just “zscalertwo” without the .net as it may be asking for a cloud name as opposed to the domain.


Bingo! Zscaler Mobile Portal Access is not part of the subscription on any cloud (which would explain the blank option for cloud in the previous screenshot.

I would contact your Zscaler Sales Representative or Partner to understand your subscription and submit a provisioning request for the subscription(s) you are missing.

If you like you can send me your orgID or company name and I can tell you what your current subscription is and you can discuss with your sales rep on how to get whatever is missing.

I can confirm that is on cloud, it is Business Bundle which does include mobile client although sometimes organizations used only tunneling to Zscaler from a network device like a firewall or router and therefore didn’t ever configure the mobile portal or are missing it from their Admin GUI.

And yes, 22812483 is the proper OrgID