Networking development - push data to the client through zscaler

Hello, we are developing software which communicates over network protocols from client to server and from server to client.

For direct client request and server response this works:
The client can reach the server with requests and based on that request the server can respond.

The server also pushes data to the client which fails:
The server has to know the ip of the client in order to be able to push data to the client directly.
This ip has to be configured in the software of the server application.
A few months ago we used the “broker ip” from the zscaler app and it worked for a while.

Currently the pushed data from server to client through the broker ip does not work.
The broker ip can be pinged but the client does not receive the data from the broker.
I currently do not know how to achieve this. Any ideas?

Thank you and best regards Brayan


Server to client is not possible at the moment.

Hello, thank you for your response.
From where do you have this information?
Where can i read more about this?
Will this be provided in the feature?

That’s one of the basic priciples of ZPA. ZPA Help | Zscaler It connects users to apps without placing them on the network. Connections to Apps are always initiated by the client.