New 6.2 update limit PAC file changes

After the new update to the Zscaler portal (Update 6.2) some new changes have been made to the PAC file among other things.

The change that where made to the PAC some are great, but some really odd and annoying.
One of them is when I want to make a adjusted to a PAC file, previously I could adjust/edit everything, but now I can only edit the content.

I can no longer edit:

PAC File Name
adding a Description
Choosing a Domain
enable / disable the option Obfuscate URL

Why especially such a simple thing as a changing a description it is not letting me do it anymore?

The “Solution” I got was to just create a new PAC file and delete the other one.
I’m I overlooking something here? is here a hidden button I didn’t see that will allow me to change theses things?

I assume this is because they’ve moved to versioning for each change to the pac file.

the other (minor) annyoance which struck me by surprise was that now one MUST first declare a variable before using it.
The old pac parser was fine with something like

if (bla=="xyz") then ...

The new parser now wants though to first have the variable bla declared as such:

var bla;
if (bla=="xyz") then ...

Helps of course to avoid some errors and/or more easily spot them but still :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

What is the new secret way to edit the PAC files!
Upgrade the version and take away the ability to edit then don’t tell anyone how to make changes to PAC files. Genius move!