New z-app version


(Lior) #1

Hello Zscaler
Could you please update on the latest best practice with the new Zscaler app 1.4?
So far we used 1.3.1 with the LWD and tunnel mode.

What would be suggested for existing customers? What would be the flow to upgrade existing devices?
Do you do POCs with 1.4 and LWD and tunnel?


(David Creedy) #2


Our Packet Filter Driver (LWF) is still relatively new, so the current best practices still apply when dealing with other client applications: though, you should see much better VPN interop with the LWF driver.

We have a lot of environments running the new driver and progress is going well. Regarding upgrades, in 1.4 you can now enable and disable the driver from the mobile admin console, instead of using the installation parameter. So for upgrading or testing this for 1.4 and above, I’d recommend creating a small group of users, and assigning a specific forwarding profile to it. Then you can test changing between the different driver types without impacting the broader fleet.



(AlexW) #3

At least during my tests I encountered, that the option in the mobile portal to switch lwf driver on/off only works if zscaler app was installed without any lwf option.