New! Zscaler Zero Trust Architect Certification (ZTCA)

Zscaler is thrilled to announce the Zscaler Zero Trust Certified Architect (ZTCA) certification, the industry’s first comprehensive Zero Trust certification.

What is ZTCA?

ZTCA is a Zscaler’s Zero Trust Architect Certification that is designed to help network and security professionals like you establish a holistic, layered security approach based on Zero Trust principles. ZTCA provides practical guidance on how to deliver effective control and visibility across zero trust initiatives, as well as contrasting zero trust approaches with legacy architectures.


Take the practice test today. There are prizes and discounts to be won!

What will I learn?

Through a self-paced e-learning module, the ZTCA course will teach you the foundational tenets of zero-trust architecture and how to apply strategic networking and security concepts to implement adaptive trust, reduce the attack surface, and mitigate overall cyber risk.

The course covers how to implement the seven elements of a highly successful zero trust architecture broken down into 3 main sections:

  • Verify
    • Who’s connecting?
    • What is the access context?
    • Where is the connection going?
  • Control
    • Assess risk (adaptive control)
    • Prevent compromise
    • Prevent data loss
  • Enforce
    • Enforce policy

Why should I take the ZTCA?

Beyond becoming a zero trust expert and growing your career opportunities, being a Zscaler Zero Trust Certified Architect highlights your qualifications to lead the next generation of IT and security teams helping organizations transition to a zero trust architecture.

In addition, the first 1,000 candidates to pass the exam will receive a Zero Trust t-shirt from Zscaler and a printed copy of the Seven Elements of a Highly Successful Zero Trust Architecture book.

How do I get certified?

  • Step 0: Are you a member of our Community? Sign up now to be able to redeem your special Community Discount code!

  • Step 1: Take the practice test If you pass with over 80%, you go to Step 3 directly!)

  • Step 2: Take the self-paced course on the ZTCA website - 5-6 hours

  • Step 3: Take the 75 question certification exam (Yes, you get 50% off the price of the exam as a Community member!)

  • Step 4: Celebrate! Get your e-Certificate (Valid for 3 years!) and post to your LinkedIn profile

How can I redeem my discount?

  • When you take the practice quiz, you will receive a 50% discount code by email if you are a Community member (be sure to sign up).
  • Visit the ZTCA website and register for the course/exam using the discount code BEFORE December 31, 2022. Note: The code is not valid after this date.

Ready to get certified? Visit the ZTCA website for more information including links to register for the course and exam, and additional resources.

Get your Zscaler Zero Trust Architect certification today!


Step1 is not openly available. Can you get these allow for all?


Not sure how the links got messed up. But they are fixed now. Please confirm


For Zscaler Partners, the ZTCA exam can be found here:

As an aside, this is was one of the best written exams I’ve taken. I really appreciated the conciseness and clarity of the questions and the notable lack of trick questions.


If you have passed the practice quiz, let us all know. I am seeing some pretty good scores coming through :slight_smile:

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Greetings Ben,
I am one of them - I passed the practice quiz with over 80%!


Great work! Will you go take the full exam after receiving your discount code?

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Congrats All! Very excited to see all the submissions and hopefully Certified Zero Trust Architects! :slight_smile:

Hi All,

I have successfully cleared ZTCA exam …

Thanks for all your support.


That is awesome… I will be sending out discount codes this morning. Come back and let us know when you get certified!

Yesterday, i have cleared ZTCA exam from ZTCA Website (I am not taking about Practice test even i have cleared that too :slight_smile:)


Oh sweet… Even better! What are your thoughts on the full ZTCA exam?

Exam was awesome… it has insight story for how Zero trust work, what are the different stages and much more to learn …
Thus must be a recommended course from my perspective…


Successfully passed the practice test - although I did not read carefully enough for two questions :wink:
Looking forward to the ZTCA exam!


80/100 is still a very respectable score. Great work! Go get the full certification now

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I just sent out another round of Discount codes for the ZTCA course for everyone that took the practice quiz.

I can’t wait to celebrate everyone’s new certifications!

Another round of discount codes was went out to the following:

@mhqhr , @michael.roberts , @Dread , @Niokolay_Dimitrov , @Ralf_Martin , @punit , @ErdemOvali , @ozanogur

Nearly 50 community members have taken the practice quiz and all have received a discount code. Hurry up and get that quiz before the holidays!


Hello Ben,

Many thanks for your support.
Waiting to receive my discount code for the exam.
The Practise quiz is complete.



Just in time for the end of the year - did the exam ;-).
Comparatively easy to manage if you are working with Zscaler for quite some time…

Seasons greetings to everyone!


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