Notebook stuck on "waiting for gpsvc.. " while power off / reboot

Hi, we have an issue on windows laptop, while powering off the shutdown process stuck on " "waiting for gpsvc… " like it is not able to communicate with group policy servers or something like that. We don’t see any deny on zpa console logs, any idea on what can be the cause? Turnin off zpa client before the shudown we don’t have this issue.

Hi Giovanni,

  1. Is this happening on only 1x device or all ZPA enabled devices ?
  2. Are you running ZPA in wildcard discovery or fully segmented ?
  3. ZCC and OS version ?


Hi, all devices. ZPA is almost fully segmented, we have anyway a wildcard discovery for the intenal domain to intercept unaware connection. ZCC version, windows 10. Thank you

And this issue started recently ?
It does sound like some high RPC port is missing.
Have you tried to check the processes using TCPview or something ?

Also have you seen this and this articles by Mark ?