NSS logs forwarding to SumoLogic

(Alex) #1

Looks like there is a pretty good integration for log collection between ZScaler NSS and SumoLogic.
I was just wondering if there is a plan to add cloud-to-cloud integration, which would eliminate the need to run 2 vm’s (NSS and Sumo Log collector) on-prem. Thanks,

(Lidor Pergament) #2


You can run the NSS VM on AWS : https://help.zscaler.com/zia/nss-deployment-guide-aws
to avoid traffic hairpinning through your on-prem network. If you’d like to set this up please email me (lpergament@zscaler.com) your AWS Account ID + Region and I will share with you the NSS AMI. Direct cloud-to-cloud integration (no need to host an NSS VM at all) is in our roadmap.

(Alex) #3

Unfortunately we don’t have AWS

(Alex) #4

Can this be installed on GCP?

(Lidor Pergament) #5

Unfortunately, we don’t have a GCP compatible image. We will be releasing soon an Azure image.