Office 365 - Local interent breakout


(Rajeev Srikant) #1

I would like to clarify the points regarding the internet breakout for 0365
I understand that zscaler is a web proxy & it supports all 80 and 443 traffic via internet breakout.
What about other traffic like Microsoft teams & outlook based mail access which are not 80 or443 based.
How will this work with Zscaler & also how to forward these types of traffic to ZScaler

(Scott Bullock) #2

Zscaler is more than a proxy, we have a DPI based firewall engine too, all ports and protocols can be routed into the Zscaler tunnel for traffic visibility, optimisation and control:

@rajeev_srikant, I think you may benefit from a discussion with a Zscaler pre-sales SE, please DM me your contact details, company and location and I’ll see to getting the correct person introduced.