On Zapp User is getting Authentication error after every 3-4minutes

(jitumani das) #1

User is able to authenticate with Z-app, however after login every 3-4 minutes z-app shows “authentication error” and traffic is blocked. For all the users its working fine, only for a specific user.

If anyone came across to such cases and resolution around let me know.

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(Alex Fray) #2

Hi Jitumani,

I have seen this behaviour. Usually it has been because the user doesn’t exist in the Zscaler user database or has been deleted, if you are using SAML perhaps auto-provisioning isn’t working correctly for this user or the client can’t see your SAML IdP. Its always worth logging out of Zapp and logging back in (using the logout button, not just rebooting the machine) to generate a new SAML assertion.


(jitumani das) #3

Hello Alex,

I checked relogin on the machine also restarting the machine, however same issue.
Any other suggestion?

(Alex Fray) #4

Re-login on the machine or restart of the machine will not generate a new SAML Assertion. You need to logout of the Zscaler App itself (top righthand corner)

(jitumani das) #5

I checked all this options. Not able to get anything.