Outlook Disconnection Over ZApp


(Atul Jain) #1

We have recently deployed Zscaler App to multiple locations. And have started receiving complains of outlook disconnection, stuck on trying to connect etc when ZApp is ON. The same works when it’s turned OFF. We have the Office 365 one click enabled, Common Office 365 Applications exempted from SSL inspection.
Could someone advise what we can perform/troubleshoot to take care of this.

(Scott Bullock) #2


What mode is Zscaler App using to forward traffic?


(Atul Jain) #3

Tunnel with local proxy

(David Creedy) #4


Do you have ticket open for this? Can you reference it here so we can look.
Additionally, there is a switch in the App Profiles for Z App for “Restart WinHTTP Service”, if this is set to ON, can you try turning this off. The reason is that we use the WinINET proxy settings, but Office applications will look at the WinHTTP proxy settings first. If this service is unavailable (potentially because Z App is configured to restart it), it can cause slowness on outlook startup while it waits for this.



(Atul Jain) #5

Hi David,
Indeed i raised a case: 646045. We do have this option enabled: Restart WinHTTP Service. I’ll try turning this OFF and will check.
Hope this will not make issues or downtime as it’s live in production.

Just to add, the below is our current setup.
Forwarding Profile:

  • Tunnel with local proxy
  • A custom pac file.

App Profile:

  • Added a custom pac file.
    Install SSL Cert: Checked
    Disable Loopback Restriction: Checked
    Override WPAD: Checked
    Restart WinHTTP service: Checked

(richardparupsdragoy) #6

Did turning off Restart WinHTTP Service solve your dissonnect with outlook, thick client?