Outlook issues over VPN and Zscaler

Outlook Issues

Hello All, I have a constant issue with zscaler app and office365 applications. Currently, I can see outlook stops updating when I enable my vpn tunnel client.

  • We are using mix of windows and mac os. Therefore, 2 profiles
  • All O365 are whitelisted in pac files, no blocking is taking place except ‘Gambling’ sites.
  • VPN client / server is pritunl which operates in full tunnel mode
  • I have attached the screenshots for both profiles.
  • Zscaler support previously suggested to turn off filtering when VPN is enabled but that did not worked out as Zscaler does not recognises pritunl client interfaces. I would rather not do this at all as most of our users are on vpn all the time.

I would appreciate help from support & community as this issue is bothering our users for last couple of weeks and we have not made any progress.


Just wondering on your VPN network side is there any IP anchoring of a certain WAN IP able to access to retrieve email?