PAC File distribution

Hello everyone,
I watched some training videos and was under the impression that the Zscaler Client Connector was able to both distribute and enforce the Forwarding PAC files to each user. Then, on Zscaler help website, they mention the use of GPO to distribute the PAC file. So I am confused now.

Do the Zscaler Client Connector propagate and enforce the PAC file (the one defined on Forwarding Profile) on users computers? Or,
Do I need to use external tools (like GPO) in order to propagate the PAC files?

Once ZCC is installed, ZCC will propagate and enforce the pac file if you specify it in the App and or Forwarding profile. You will only need gpo to push zcc to clients.

Perfect !! Thank you jkelly, ZCC is already installed, so I guess I have nothing to worry about then regard GPO, thanks again.