PAC File Use for internal websites

Dear All -

Is there a way to use PAC file systax in which we do not have to use FQDN for internal websites?

For example -

If we just type “internal” in the address bar and press enter, it should go to Irrespective of the browsers on Windows or MAC/IPADs

There is an option in IE Internet Options > Advanced > Go to intranet site for single word entry in the address bar. But it does not work on other browsers. Hence looking for a solution from PAC file prospective.


@VinaySinghal , Firstly for Internal website PAC file is not a solution, since instead of Return domain you cant do much more in PAC file.
Also in case of ZPA you are working in Zero trust Architecture so you are not connecting with domain directly so we have you give complete FQDN if you need to access any internal application with the help of URL…

Thank you Pradeep for the insights. It was just a requirement from top level hence we were exploring all the options. Any other solution you can think of with which we can achieve this?

Hello @VinaySinghal ,

Is this the PAC function you are looking for? This is typically included in most of our recommended PAC files:

// If user requests plain hostnames, e.g. http://intranet/, // http://webserver-name01/, send direct.
if (isPlainHostName(host))
return “DIRECT”;


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Dear Jason, thanks for reply. However, our user are not willing to type http or https. They just want to type website name without protocol and domain (which takes them to default search engine)

Above solution works only with http and HTTPS as a prefix.