Per user bandwidth use report

(Alex) #1

Is there a report for bandwidth use per user?

(Chandan Agarwal) #2

You can generate a bandwidth report per user by going to Analytics -> Web Insights -> Search for “URL Host” and on the left, apply the filter for appropriate user. See the screenshot below:

(Alex) #3

I need a report on top 10 users for bandwidth use.
Is there a way to crest a custom report?

(Chandan Agarwal) #4

My bad, I was thinking you were looking for bandwidth consumption for a particular user.
You can look at the top bandwidth users by running the following query:

(Alex) #5

Is this for top 100 users report from the bandwidth utilization perspective or from web usage perspective?

(Haggai Polak) #6

Web insights is for web utilization, available in transaction count or bytes. If you are forwarding non-web traffic as well to zscaler, firewall reports can show you all traffic.