Performance issues in Brazil

Is anybody facing performance issues in Brazil via SAO4 with ZIA enabled? No VPN/GRE, just ZCC.

Switching between Tunnel 1.0 and 2.0 make no difference as well as trying DTLS and TLS. Once ZIA is turned off, download and upload speeds are lightening fast.

Just curious…

Do you get the same via Sao Paulo II ?

Via SAO2 performance is actually worse.

Hi Raj, How are you measuring performance?

Hi Jose, we are performing file downloads from the internet (ie: Microsoft). Adjusted PAC to point to different DCs for testing purposes. It seems to be intermittent whereby speeds are slow at one day and fast the next day.

We have a case opened on this already and has been escalated. Just putting it out there if others have had similar issues.

Hi Raj909

From which country did you connect? From Brazil or other LATAM country?


Hi Matias, it was from within Brazil.

Our ZDX doesn’t show any performance issues in Brazil.