Personal Banking- Login page is not working with ZScaler ON

Personal Banking- Login page is not working with ZScaler ON

The same page is loading by turning ZScaler OFF

I like to know as banking sites are well secured and having valid certificate, then why it is being blocked by ZScaler or ZScaler ip address was blocked at bank end.

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Firstly i would recommend you to raise a ticket with our TAC regarding this issue along with the supporting snapshot like

Zscaler would not block any website unless the URL filtering policy of your organization says so.

Zscaler IP might get blocked at destination end due to various reasons. Sometimes we have seen IDRBT regulatory issues blocking a specific IP address of Zscaler. Not sure why but banks follow this regulatory.

How Zscaler can help is, with the support ticket our TAC team would reach out to the destination webmaster requesting to lift the block of our IPs in their FW or IPS. Please also let us know what bank site you are unable to access.

we would have been reported for ICICI now, but there are few more also

I got the information from my support team as below

"We have added the url in ssl exception now as there was problem noted in ssl negotiations.

This will be the permanent fix for the issue"

I like to know what is SSL exception and why banking sites getting affect by this issue

SSL Inspection is a feature where secure traffic can be monitored. You can read about this here:

Some applications will not allow SSL inspection to happen, and they will break rather than allowing inspection. The solution for this is to bypass the affected destination from inspection.

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