Pi uthentication to ZSCLOUD using C# or .Net scripting


Can anybody share an API authentication script that uses VB.Net or C# ?
URL is : https://zsapi.zscloud.net


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Hi @Mircea
Can you describe what the use case is?

Hi William,

Thank you for your help. We have a script that extracts data from a JIRA internet site (that belongs to one of our departments, we are an engineering company).

The extraction program is written in VB.Net and it works perfectly IF I MANUALLY AUTHENTICATE to Zscaler by entering an user name and password.

What we are trying to achieve, is to add a piece of code written in .Net (C# or VB) that automatically authenticates the user account so I don’t have to enter the credentials manually. You have some examples in Zscaler documentation written in Python, Power Shell, etc… but no example in .Net that I can use in order to implement this requirement.