Posture Profiles Unverified


How does everyone else ‘find’ unverified posture profiles in your client estate ?
Do you create a Policy block based on one or more posture checks then review the Blocks ?
Or is it simply a case ‘It works for me’ ?

Reason I ask is for example the new ‘MS_Defender’ posture, I’d like to know which systems are non-compliant or unverified as they evaluated upon creation. Or disk encryption, some of our devices goes unverified due to BIOS upgrade which is expected BUT only enabled once they are restarted.

Thank you


Hello Gerhard,

In diagnostic logs under user metadata device posture information is shown.


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Hi Shujaat,
Thank you for the reply.
I’m aware of this option for individual system but how do you get an overview of your entire estate ?
Identify all systems with unverified postures to remediate them before getting blocked.

Apologies I should have phrased the question better.