Premium DC in China

I was told that Zscaler has one premium DC in China, any details information about this premium DC? Which ISP line does this DC host on? China Telecom or Unicom?

currenty we are using internet security service on Zscaler public cloud, and the performance of oversea applications such like MS365 is very bad, recently think about to change the zscaler deployment in China, perhaps premium ISP (CN2) +ZS premium DC, will be more appreciated if anyone can provide detailes of Premium DC in China.

BTW, we have several locations distributed in China mainland and connected each other via MPLS, could Virtual private ZEN+ Premium ISP solution more better?



you shall reach out to your sales/TAM to get more technical details about Zscaler solution in China.

In the meantime you can refer to this article:
Zscaler in China | Tech Note

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Hi Sebastien,
thanks, actually i have read this article before posting here, anyway, will try to contact TAM directly :slight_smile:

I have previous experience with ZIA deployments inside China and performance issues there. As per regulations Internet traffic must be kept inside China for avoiding passing through the Big Firewall of China.

We had to deploy Private Service Edges (PZEN) on the main Chinese location and use that location as a hub for all locations in Chinese.
On main Chinese location we contracted a Premium Internet from China Telecom. You may place a PZEN per location, but costs may turn prohibit. In terms of architeture, traffic will not be forward to ZEN anymore and traffic will go directly from location to O365, then improving user experience for all Internet traffic.

A combination of PZEN and Premium Internet (local carrier) will improve the user experience from locations. For road warriors users performance was good as big Firewall of China was not an issue.
Once having the PZEN, also you can on the main Chinese location contract an Express Route link with your preferred network provider.

Suggest have a chat with your TAM at Zscaler and he can figure out what has been done for other customers.

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Thanks Miguel, actually we are planning to depoly this PZEN+Premium internet on hub site, only oversea application traffic such like o365 shall be routed to this premium line, domestic data still be hold on the general internet , with your experence, is one SDWAN hardware also need to be placed for this kind of requirement?

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We didn’t deploy SD-WAN, but you may have chosen it, because it’s easier to create forwarding rules on SD-WAN then on routers.

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Hi Miguel,
I still have one question: how did you get this PZEN hardware for your China locations? is it purchased within China mainland or other countries? As I know Zscaler has no any local agent or partners who can provide the hardware or service within China mainland, correct? Thanks.