Print all policies into a pdf file

(Alex) #1

Is there an option to print all policies for ZScaler proxy into a pdf file?
Our auditors are asking to provide the entire configuration in a single file.

(Scott Bullock) #2

Hi Alex,
I’d suggest you use the PDF print capabilities built into your browser
and/or OS. Today we don’t do PDF export from the UI, the Print All
policies feature is a HTML window.

Many thanks,

(Alex) #3

Would it be possible to submit an FRE for the ability to print all policies into the pdf file?

(Scott Bullock) #4

This would be fine Alex, as we need to attribute customer requested ER’s to
an organisation, can you please open a support request and link to this
Community thread?

Many thanks,

(Haggai Polak) #5

Thanks Scott,

Alex, as Scott mentioned, we can certainly open an enhancement request. For us to give you the tracking number and progress, please include your name and organization and we can reach out to you.

In the mean time, use the print all policies feature as described in
and use print to PDF feature of your OS of favorite utility.